Knockout Game

    • Genre: Urban, Crime, Thriller
    • Type: Short Film
    • Release: 2017
    • Director / Writer / Editor


  • In 2013, The Knockout Game reached mainstream media with a vengeance. Pundits, preachers, politicians and pedestrians went on and on about this terrible "new" game the inner-city kids were playing. Their victims were caucasian neighbors, immigrants and on each other.

  • Wikipedia says: The "knockout game" is one of the many names given by the American news media to assaults in which one or more assailants attempt to knock out an unsuspecting victim. This is often done with a single sucker punch for the amusement of the attackers and their accomplices.

    Other names given to assaults of this type include knockout, knockout king, point'em out, knock'em out, bomb, and polar-bearing or polar-bear hunting (allegedly called such when the victim is caucasian).

    At first I didn't believe it. I believed these assaults were due to the frustrations the locals felt because of the rampant gentrification going on in their communities and that the media was creating yet another fear campaign for ratings.

    Then it happened to a friend of mines, punched in his face after being asked for the time. Then it happened to my friend's immigrant wife from Haiti, a kid side-lined her with a fist and ran off laughing. There was always laughter. It was always kids.

    They were playing a game.

    No logic.

    No reason.

    A game.

    In a fit of anger I took to the written page and crafted a tale steeped in the only lesson violence tells, that "violence finds the violent."

    The Knockout Game is a cautionary tale. Political in its message, Tarantino like in its humor, brutal in its rawness. It shows how a teenager's unguided need to belong can make them fall prey to the worse impulses among our youth.

    It shows how when you play a game of beasts you put yourself in the path of demons. The Knockout Game is my 4th film as a director, it will resonate with those seeking either entertainment or a message. And teach the lessons many of today's youth should be taught from their parents at home.