• The Jump

    • Genre: Drama, Inspirational
    • Type: Short Film
    • Release: 2016
    • Director / Producer / Editor


    As a child Eric believed that the water was magical. In the water there was nothing Eric could not do.

    A life changing encounter with bullies at a pool plants seeds of self-doubt.

    Still haunted by the experience as an adult, Eric decides that the only way to take back control over his life is to get back into the water.

    If he can face his fears 30-feet above the water, then he will rediscover his magic and realize he has had the power to conquer his fears all along.

  • "I wanted to show that no matter the pain or the shame and the circumstances that had distanced you from your dream, that with a little courage you could jump right back in to your joy, at any age."
    ~ Jamal Hodge