Threading Needles

    • Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime
    • Type: Feature Film
    • Release: 2011
    • Director / Co-Producer / Editor


  • Threading Needles is a cross between "Crash" and "Lakeview Terrace". Kweku, a young African man, falls in love with a caucasian woman in America. All seems to be going well until he is faced with two ruthless cops with a cruel agenda, a white cop who despises what the couple represents and a black cop who considers Kweku a sellout.

    Kweku is forced to make a decision which will alter not just his own life, but the lives of those who loves most. Will he be able to hold on to his ideals, or will he be consumed by his quest for revenge against those who stand in his way... This movie will shed light on modern racism in America and the world as a whole, challenging the viewer to reexamine the deep conflicts and emotions that exist within today's socioeconomic landscape.